Birding In Winter

Feeding In The Winter


If there's ever a time to take care of your backyard birds, it's now. As the temperatures continue to drop, their natural food sources become increasingly harder to find. 

The Right Feeders


Bird feeders are an excellent way to attract a bevy of birds to your yard mid-winter.  



Harsh winter weather can easily be fatal if your birds don't have the right protection. You can help, however, by providing winter shelter! 

Providing Water Source


Birds do need a source for water in the winter. Bird baths are a great water source and should be heated to help prevent the bath from freezing. 

Popular Winter Birds


The birds featured are some of the most commonly seen species in winter. Many of them will readily come to your bird feeders!

Where Do The Other Birds Go?


For many birders, their favorite species - such as tanagers, hummingbirds, warblers & orioles - are absent in winter. 

These and many other birds are migratory, and in winter they travel hundreds or even thousands of miles to milder climates that can support them with ease.  

These birds will return in the spring to revisit their breeding grounds and raise their next generation!